People love all sorts of puzzle games. That is why games like crosswords and sudoku exist. However, one puzzle that no one likes to play is figuring out how to pack their stuff when moving homes. Everything about it is the opposite of fun. Packing, and moving as a whole, is exhausting and draining. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make it easier and minimize unnecessary accidents, like breaking and losing items.

That being said, among the hardest things to pack are smaller objects, like glassware and china. In this article, we will give you tips and tricks on how to pack fragile items safely when moving homes.

1. China

You will need to have all of your delicate china individually wrapped before you move. You will also need to add layers of padding between each piece. Otherwise, you risk damaging or shattering them altogether. Remember, the road is probably going to be bumpy. You would not want to open a box of your china and be greeted with broken pieces of your precious ceramics.

2. Pictures

Pictures, especially those painted by hand, need to be wrapped properly. The first layer of wrapping should be a clear material, such as cling wrap. After that, the second layer should be bubble wrap to cushion it from any impacts. After that, place them in a box and make sure to place packing beans or something similar inside so that they will not jostle around too much. Also, be sure to tape the box securely, as the picture might accidentally slip out of the box.

 3. Silverware

Silverware will not necessarily break when packed with other items. However, it can shatter the other fragile items you pack with it. As such, avoid placing silverware with other delicate items, such as china or glassware. They tend to be heavy as well, so any movement can give them enough momentum to break anything they come into contact with. In other words, place your silverware in a separate box.

4. Glassware

Glassware and other glass items are extremely delicate and susceptible to shattering. One of the biggest reasons glass items break during a move is that they are not put in the right box or stored correctly. When packing glass items, be sure to put them in a box that fits and keep them in an upright position at all times. Do not forget to label the box as fragile, either. This reduces the risk of other objects coming into contact with the glass and breaking it. 


Remember, work smart, not hard. Be sure to wrap all your fragile items properly and store them correctly. By following the tips we shared above, you can reduce the chances of accidents breaking your belongings and ensure that you can place them in your new home in the best condition. 

That said, the moving company you work with also matters. Be sure to only work with professionals who have plenty of experience handling fragile objects, as they will know what to do to ensure everything gets transported safely and intact.

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