You might think that packing a bathroom for a move is a simple affair. After all, it’s only a few tubes and bottles—you could put them in a few boxes. However, efficiently clearing out this space needs a little more organization. Before you hire a local moving company, here are some things to remember when packing your bathroom for a move.

1. Sort Your Bathroom Items Into Categories

Before you figure out what to bring to your new home, you should sort your belongings into categories. Doing this will give you an idea of how much you should keep. Put all appliances and accessories together, and do the same for cosmetics, medicine, and linens. Other categories include feminine products, hair products, and cleaning supplies.

2. Remove The Items You No Longer Need

Nearly empty shampoo bottles, rarely-used cosmetics, or grimy soap bars shouldn’t make their way into your moving van. Be strict with sifting through your items. For instance, do you have multiple curling irons? You can give away all but one. 

Examine your makeup and throw away anything that’s expired or broken. If you have multiple unopened products, decide if it is more expensive to ship these to your new home or buy new supplies once you’ve settled.

3. Dispose Of Medicine Properly

Clear clutter from your medicine cabinet as well. Dispose of your medication if it is expired, ineffective, or if you have completed the treatment. You can also dispose of medicine that has changed in smell or appearance. Take these items to a hazardous waste facility; do not flush your medication because it might contain harmful chemicals.

4. Get Rid Of Chemicals Or Cleaning Supplies

Any cleaning supplies you cannot identify should go to the hazardous waste facility as well. Some chemicals could emit harmful gases when they combine with others. If you have old paint, you can use it to give your walls a fresh touch and prepare it for the next occupants. Otherwise, you should dispose of it.

Your moving services provider cannot transport ammonia, paint, varnish, bleach, or similar chemicals. Most moving companies would have a list of items they will not transport.

5. Have An Essential Bathroom Bag

Ensure everyone in your home has an essential bathroom bag for the first few days that you’re just settling into your new home. Assemble this bag before you pack up to make it easy for you to see everything.

Your essentials bag should have a toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, and other items you use daily. Makeup and hair products, medicine, and items for first aid could also be part of this bag.

How To Prepare Items For A Move

Once you have appropriately sorted your bathroom items, you need to secure the belongings you will bring to your new home. Put all your bathroom items in one box, or group boxes together by room. Label them carefully, and mark them as fragile. Line the box with towels, and wrap fragile items in cloth to give added protection. You can also put delicate items in plastic bags to prevent them from breaking.


Packing for a move will be time-consuming, so you need to work on it steadily in the days leading up to your move. You need to sort your items and carefully determine which items you want to bring to your new home. When you do, you ensure an easier transition into this new phase of your family’s life.

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