A complicated part about relocating is knowing how to categorize your different belongings. Since every home’s contents are unique, your packing boxes can contain anything from antique furniture to musical instruments. For people who are fond of playing instruments, their packing preparations can be a lot more complex than the average move.

How to get your musical instruments ready for a move

Relocating to a new home demands your attention on different tasks and chores, from closing your utility bills to settling rent with your landlord. Before you handle these transactions, it’s crucial to ensure that all your moving essentials are packed and ready for travel. This is why it’s necessary to oversee your packing for unique objects, especially if you have fragile pieces like pianos, guitars, and other musical instruments.

In this article, we’ll help you pack your musical instruments through this three-step guide.

Step#1: Set your schedule

Before contacting your movers, it’s important to block off any dates where you’ll need to use your musical instruments. If there are events where you’ll need to play your instrument, it’s best to leave its storage and packing separate from your other belongings.

Sometimes, you can opt to have it delivered to your new place sooner than the rest of your packed boxes. On the other hand, it may be beneficial to receive your musical instruments for last. As a general note, remember that string and woodwind instruments need to acclimate to their surrounding temperature before you use them. Wait for 24 hours before you retighten strings on guitars or harps.

Step#2: Disassemble your instruments when necessary

Different musical instruments will have unique packing requirements. For example, it’s best to pack string instruments like guitars and harps by first loosening their strings. Doing so will prevent any tension from the wrapping materials you’ll use. On the other hand, brass instruments like trumpets and trombones can be disassembled by removing the mouthpiece.

Remember to purchase suitable packing material that won’t damage your instruments’ surfaces. The long trip to your new home can cause the objects inside your mover’s truck to respond to rough and bumpy roads. This is why it’s necessary to keep your instruments safe from bumping into other things or getting scratched by their own packaging.

Step#3: Decide on your packing option

If your instruments have a case, you can simply pack them inside and reinforce them with stuffing to fill in empty spots. However, if you don’t have access to its original container, you can use alternative packaging options. Remember to use hard cases for large instruments like keyboards and brass pieces. Smaller and lighter instruments can be safe enough to receive protection from soft cases.

To prevent your instrument’s different parts from crashing around the box, you can stuff it with paper, bubble, wrap, or foam. Make sure that there’s no room for its components to crash against the box’s edges. Don’t place multiple instruments in one box, even if you have extra space. This is why it’s necessary to purchase size-specific boxes that are wide enough to contain just one instrument.


You don’t have to be a professional musician to be careful about your musical instruments. Since these objects need tender and special care, you’ll need to account for them when plotting your moving plans. Remember that moving from one place to another will be progressively more difficult, especially if you’re packing fragile belongings. Thankfully, you can instruct your movers to give extra attention to these packages during your move.

Getting the right help for your moving needs can prevent you from experiencing mishaps to fragile objects. At Ottawa Moving, we’re experts in handling all your moving needs, regardless of what packages and items you need to pack. If you’re looking for trustworthy local moving companies in Ottawa, contact us today!