No matter what it is you’re doing, the hardest part is the beginning. This is particularly true of packing your things when moving from one house to another. Your best bet in handling this? Plan things out first, so that you can maintain a sense of order amidst a very chaotic time. Additionally, by having a clear idea of what steps you’ll take, you won’t fall into the temptation of procrastinating.

To be able to start packing your things, there are some basic tasks you should accomplish first.

Create a Checklist

The very minute you find out you will be moving for sure, start a moving checklist. There are dozens of moving-related tasks that you need to get out of the way. Missing out on a single one because it slipped your mind or got lost amidst other things to do can prove troublesome later on. Include a timeline so you’ll know which ones should get done first, such as changing your utilities.

Make an Inventory

Figuring out just how many belongings you have is a key step to packing properly. Whether that’s a computer spreadsheet or a long handwritten list, don’t skip anything you own. Professional movers will have lists in order to make sure that all your things get from Point A to Point B, so why shouldn’t you? 

Categorize them according to what works best for you, either by the room they’re in or under categories like “clothes”, “documents”, “toys”, etc. How many pairs of shoes do you have? How many pillows and bed sets do you own? What’s in the storage boxes that have been sitting in the back of your closet?

Let Things Go

As you go about making your inventory, chances are, you’ll realize that there is a lot of stuff you don’t need anymore. Take a hard look at everything you’ve listed and think things over. 

Do you really need that tattered coat from three years ago which you don’t really wear anymore, or is it time to throw it out? Will you be reading those books again, or can they be donated? Are you still going to hang on to that entire stack of old magazines you’ve been telling yourself you’d get around to, or will they be better off in the recycling bin? 

Dispose of whatever it is you find that has been taking up space unnecessarily in your house. This way, you will only end up packing what you really need and want in the new home you’re moving to.

Hire a Moving Company

While this seems like a first step rather than the last, it’s actually best to start looking for a moving company after you’ve done all the foundational moving tasks. Don’t pack until you’ve got an in-house estimate from your chosen local movers; this way, it will remain accurate. It will be tricky to get the correct pricing if there are already partially packed boxes strewn about.


Moving from one house to another can get pretty hectic. It’s best to take an organized approach, especially when dealing with all your things. Prioritize accordingly, then pack when you’re ready,  and reach out for help from qualified professionals.

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