Many people rely on hired movers to move their belongings from one place to another. However, for those looking to move just a single item, they might be wondering if such a service is still required, or even if such a service exists. 

If you are wondering this same thing, the answer is this: yes, some local movers do provide that service! Single-item movers do exist, and they offer tailored services to move a large variety of items.

That being said, not all movers will offer that service specifically. After all, they are looking to make money—and sparing a truck to move just one item may not be something they want to do. As such, here is what you will need to consider if you are looking to hire movers to move a single item: 

Reasons to move a single item

Before you go looking for one-item movers, you will need to ask whether or not your decision is justified in terms of cost for the service you want. 

 Some good reasons to hire movers for single item moving would be that the item you want to move is highly valuable in terms of money or sentiment, the item is incredibly delicate, the item is too heavy to move by yourself, or you are moving an item that has special moving needs. All of the above are excellent reasons to move a single item, although the final decision is still up to you to push through with it. 

Looking for movers that offer the service

 Single item movers are not as commonplace as typical moving services. As such, delving a little deeper to look for them might be something you will need to do when looking for such a service.

 You can start off by asking your friends, family, or neighbours about any moving services they have used before. If they do have someone in mind, then that’s great, as you can now get their opinions about the service to give you a good idea of whether they are a good choice. 

If none in your circle knows of any mover that provides such a service, then you can also look online. Reputable movers will have excellent websites. The chances are that more reputable businesses also offer the service in question! Once you do find one, always be sure to ask them various questions and check carefully whether they can offer you the exact service that you need. 

What to know when moving a single item 

To ensure that your moving efforts are a success, here are a few things you must know.

First, if you are moving valuable items, it is vital you purchase additional moving insurance. Anything can happen, and if your item gets damaged, you have insurance to help pay for the cost. 

Second, the final cost of the move will be determined by the weight of the object, the distance it needs to cover, and any extra services you opt for. Take all of these into account so that you will not be surprised by a final cost that you are not ready to pay. 

Finally, understand that not all deliveries will be on time! Anything can happen that delays the shipment, so if you need it delivered quickly, you will need to pay extra for express delivery.


 With all of that out of the way, we hope you are more aware of what you will be faced with when moving a single item. All in all, hiring movers to move a single item is worth it if that item is hard to bring around, is valuable, or is fragile. Just do take the time to compare various service providers to pick the right one for your needs, and do not forget to take precautions like purchasing insurance to protect you from any expensive issues. All of these considerations will help boost your chances of a successful move, giving you peace of mind knowing your item will arrive at its destination in one piece.

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